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4-week Online Course - Starts 7th January 2019

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Course Overview

• This online course is packed with delicious wholefood and plant-based recipes, meal plans, shopping lists, tips for healthy eating on the go, exercise advice, and much, much more!

• Weight loss, increased energy levels, improved mood, lower cholesterol and reduced blood pressure, are just some of the benefits that past participants have experienced.

• Participants are encouraged throughout their 4-week journey with live Q&A's from Dave and Steve, regular motivational emails, access to a private Happy Heart Facebook group, along with support from the online Happy Heart team.


- Live Q&A's with Dave & Steve

- No calorie counting or portion sizes

- Recipes, meal plans & shopping lists

Course Outline

Overview & Introduction
• The 10 HH Commandments
• Toolkit & Food Journal
• Meal Plans & Shopping Lists
• Recipes - Lunch, Dinner, Desserts, Salads & Snacks
• Support & FAQ

Week 1 - Basics
• Health Spotlight: Whole-Food Plant-Based Diet
• Buying Produce, Meal Planning & Reading Labels
• Alternatives to Dairy and Why No Oil?
• Superhero Spotlight - About Dr. Dean Ornish
• Frequently Asked Questions

Week 2 - Nutrition
• Health Spotlight: Inflammation
• Whole Fats vs Refined Fats
• Caloric Density, Protein & Carbohydrates
• Fibre, Calcium, Iron & B12
• Superhero Spotlight - Dr. Michael Greger
• Frequently Asked Questions

Week 3 - The Modern Diet
• Health Spotlight: Cardiovascular Disease
• Do we really need to eat Animals?
• The Problem with Salt
• Why are we hooked on sugar?
• Are you caught in the pleasure trap?
• Fish, Flaxseeds & Paleo
• Superhero Spotlight - Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn
• Frequently Asked Questions

Week 4 - Life After The Course
• Health Spotlight: Longevity
• Food for a Good Mood!
• Exercise - Routine, Examples & Foods
• Exercise is not just good for the body!
• Sleep and Stress
• Superhero Spotlight: Rich Roll
• Frequently Asked Questions


"Twin chefs, David and Stephen Flynn have developed a delicious, oil free plant based eating program. For those who transition to this lifestyle it will be the end of the heart disease, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, stroke and a host of other common chronic killing diseases. It is a revolution for all."

- Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Author, Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

"David and Stephen Flynn have developed a program that is clearly the future of health and the practice of medicine. It really is an extraordinary story whose time has come"

- Colin T. Campbell, Co-Author, The China Study

Your Instructors

Dave & Steve
Dave & Steve

David and Stephen Flynn started The Happy Pear in Ireland in 2004 to inspire community to create a happier, healthier world, and to make healthy food and living accessible to everybody. Today they’re renowned wholefood and plant-based chefs, award-winning and bestselling authors, YouTube stars, and regular media contributors. The Happy Pear now employs over 160 people and it has grown into one of the most vibrant and renowned businesses on the Irish food scene, with several award-winning products.

The business now comprises: three wholefood cafés/food stores; a sprout farm producing wheatgrass and healthy living sprouts and microgreens; a Happy Pear branded food manufacturing and distribution business producing award-winning products, including pestos, hummus, soups, Bakes, granola, Nuts about Choc, snack bars, and smoothies; a coffee roastery producing hand roasted Happy Pear coffee, using the best specialty coffee available; and a fermentation kitchen producing a variety of delicious fermented foods.

The Happy Pear cookbook has sold over 100,000 copies and was on the Irish bestsellers list for three years running. The World of the Happy Pear, David and Stephen's second cookbook was ‘Irish Cookbook of the Year 2017’. Over 50,000 copies have been sold so far and it has been translated into Dutch for the Netherlands market. Their new cookbook, Recipes for Happiness, will be published in the UK and Ireland in May 2018.

David and Stephen run a popular online Happy Heart course designed to help people reboot their health through food. The course is packed with wholefood and plant-based recipes, meal plans and shopping lists, and includes online support and live Facebook Q&As. David and Stephen have supported thousands of people to make healthier eating and lifestyle choices through this course over the years - people have had great results on the course including an average 20% drop in cholesterol, lower blood pressure, weight loss and renewed energy, and all through food.

Additionally, David and Stephen are regulars at some of Ireland's leading cultural and music events, providing healthy eating inspiration and cooking demonstrations to a wide range of age groups. They’ve also worked with Jamie Oliver on his FoodTube network, Food Revolution Day, and at his annual food festival in the UK. They are brand ambassadors for SuperValu and they have an impressive combined online and social media reach of over 800,000. In December 2017, they won the Digital Marketing Award at the Bord Bia Food & Drink Awards 2017.