I'm just so much happier and healthier - Listen to Jess Kane's journey on The Happy Heart

Within the first week I had so much energy. I felt better immediately! If your looking to live a better life, change habits, shape up or just be happier then you need to give this course a try!

"My relationship to food is completely different. I have always loved cooking for others but now I love cooking for me too. The Sunday prep routine finally gave me back some much needed time out of the kitchen for the rest of the week"

- Ruth Delahunty (44), Founder, Yogaru

"My entire life has changed for the better. I feel better in my skin. I'm thinking clearly. My outlook on life has changed. I no longer feel I have limitations on what I can accomplish. I feel I have the energy to do what I set my mind to. I feel awake and alive, and HAPPY!"

- Jessica Kane (41), West of Ireland

"It was a shock to be told that I had had a heart attack this year. I was admitted to hospital and had 3 stents fitted.

My eldest daughter suggested to me that I join up to the Happy Heart course for one month.I was happy to have a chance to do something about my health. I lost 10kg during the course and my health is continuing to improve"

- Frank Daly, Dublin, Ireland

"I lost 9lbs on the June course! For me, this is a new lifestyle approach. My skin looks better and my energy is starting to improve. I’m so happy I signed up for the course - it’s been the re-education I needed. I have healthier lifestyle now and I am no longer on a diet. This course is only the start of me re-educating myself and I look forward to learning more. I'm feeling fantastic!"

- Grainne Flanagan, Ireland

"I’ve always loved cooking but, before I started the course, I was so uninspired. I was eating the same things over and over. The course really gave me a boost of inspiration and made me want to try new things again. The recipes are very easy and most are pretty quick too. I lost weight, my energy has increased, my digestion is better, and I never have colds anymore. I feel so much lighter and happier!"

- Gaby van Bienen, The Netherlands

"This is my second time doing The Happy Heart Course. My lifestyle has changed completely and I appreciate the little things, I am more caring and I am kinder to myself and others. I feel new energy, have more positive thoughts, and have discovered the real taste of food! This course is simply the BEST!"

- Alessia Tabarrini, Italy

" I lost about 10lbs during the course and I have more energy now. The focus of the course wasn’t on eating less and being hungry, it was about cooking tasty food and being full. I definitely cook more and when snacking, I choose healthier alternatives. I don’t crave chocolate and biscuits like I did before. I won’t be going back to my old diet. I will only be expanding my Happy Heart-friendly recipes and eating more veggies than ever before!"

- Vicki Schofield, United Kingdom

"Before the course, I had gained weight and I lost all kind of motivation for exercising and taking care of myself. I heard about the course on Instagram, so I decided to sign up. My mood and energy changed in such a way that I am re-starting again with my exercising routines. This course changed my life forever!"

- Malena Astorga, Ireland

"The first thing I noticed was an awful lot more energy, because I was cooking with less oil, I lost weight. In one month, I lost a good half a stone and that was really just cutting out a lot of the oils."

- Marianne Quinn, Ireland

"I lost 11lbs in 6 weeks, which I am delighted about, because I have had this extra weight on now for about 7 years and it has not budged! I want to keep going on and lose a bit more weight."

- Jean Banks, Ireland

"The Happy Heart was finally a course I've tried that I was committed to! It changed my approach to meal planning entirely and I learned how easy it was to eat healthily through meal prep. I've done the course twice now, always a great way to kick off a new year - the first time I lost 3 kilos, my skin became so clear and it gave me the energy of a duracell bunny. It was such a life changing time for me as since I've adapted plant based living full time, something I never imagined and I've never felt better - just take the leap and do it!"

- Elaine Kelly, Yogi Haven, Ireland